Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leaving Dubai

The Dubai Airport is my new favorite airport. I got there early with the expectation of spending time wandering around, and I was not disappointed. I stayed inside Terminal 1, and it still took me an hour to walk from one end of the building to another, and I wasn't walking all that slowly. There were plenty of luxury items for sale, and all of it at airport prices. The kiosk in the picture below sold gold. Nothing else, just gold.

During take-off I managed to snap a picture of the city as we flew by:

The large buildings in Dubai are laid out in a strip so they can all be serviced by the new Metro, which happens to be the nicest form of public transportation I've used. It's difficult to really appreciate how big the buildings are, until you realize that the "flat" area in front of the strip is composed of buildings that are generally five stories or taller. Gives you a little appreciation for just how tall the central spike of the Burj Khalifa really is.

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