Friday, January 13, 2012

Live Map II

Ok, I'm trying this again. This time, Brianna and I are driving from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Everett, WA, along with all her things (she's moving to the Pacific Northwest). The weather is not supposed to be as nice as it was for me last time, so it might take a little longer, but ideally it will only be a two day trip. Let's see if I can set the map up correctly:

Update (Jan 16th, 2012, day after arrival): Another successful trip! We had some bad winds (gusts up to 50mph!) going through Wyoming, and Satus Pass through the Cascade Mountains was busy and wet, but we didn't actually hit any really bad driving conditions until the very end. It had snowed in Washington and some of the roads were icy, particularly the side streets. All told, it was a really smooth trip, although we were really glad to be out of the U-Haul cab by the end of it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Grad School Update

I've been back in Washington State for just about 4 weeks now, and I've just completed my first week of grad school at the University of Washington. I've really enjoyed being back home in Washington, especially for the holidays! Grad school is going well - I have three math-focused classes: Mechanical Engineering Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Manifolds and Geometry for Systems and Control; and one fun course: Rapid Prototyping, which means playing with 3D printers :-D

Lots of math, and starting during winter quarter isn't doing me any favors in terms of being up to speed with the other students, but I'm enjoying myself!