Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is DeepBlue 2?

DeepBlue is the name of Schlumberger's (my employer) training program for engineers in the Data Consulting Services (DCS) and Integrated Project Management (IPM) segments. I attended DeepBlue 1 in Houston in 2009, and I'll attend DeepBlue 3 sometime next year. The DeepBlue 2 course I am currently attending  runs from August 8th to September 2nd. From the course description:
"The DCS DeepBlue 2 Production Technology course is designed to provide attendees with a strong introduction to the Schlumberger Production Optimization workflows and software applications required to successfully identify production enhancement opportunities. The expectation from this course is that attendees will acquire competency in candidate recognition and single well performance analysis and optimization. For detailed design of solutions (e.g. detailed frac design and pumping sequences), the production engineer is expected to work with the appropriate segment engineers or attend advanced training or cross-training."
In other words: lots of training with esoteric, proprietary software that helps Petroleum Engineers  to identify good locations for new wells and to optimize the production of existing wells and facilities.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Latitude

Google Latitude is service that tracks your location using either your GPS-enabled phone or the IP address of the computer you are using. I have my phone set to report my location automatically on a daily basis. Google publishes this information publicly on a city-sized basis (e.g. Google will tell you that I am in Seattle, but not the street address), which you can see on the right side of this screen. Friends and trusted contacts can get much more specific information on my location when they log in to Google Latitude.

Publishing your real-time location certainly isn't for everyone. The only reasons I'm making this information public is because A) I live with a roommate and we're rarely out of town at the same time, and B) I don't really have anything worth stealing at my apartment anyway.

About This Site

This site is an experiment, a mere dipping of my toes in the waters of blogging. The primary purpose is to provide an up-to-date record of my activities and whereabouts.

The title of this site was stolen from inspired by the brilliant As I am an even worse dancer than Matt, do not expect any dancing videos.

I hope to eventually set foot on all seven continents. Yes, I know Antarctica will be a challenge. But I'm making good progress! I'll post "historical" updates from previous trips, as time allows.