Saturday, November 27, 2010

Colorado Springs

I was in Colorado again this week. However, this time I actually made it outside the Denver Airport.

It was fantastic to see some actual mountains again. Actually, seeing something besides flat brown plains was fantastic all by itself. The mountains really were gorgeous, though.

The Bultema family was gracious enough to host me while I was in Colorado. Their daughter Brianna and I attended Calvin College together in the Engineering Program.

Part of the extended Bultema family.

Colorado Springs is a very athletic city, which was very impressive considering how thin the air was. I was rather glad I had "forgotten" my running shoes when I packed. However, I did get out for several walks, a couple of yoga sessions, and ice skating:

Didn't fall down once!

The Bultemas have three adopted Chinese daughters, who are all sharp and a lot of fun. Here's the youngest daughter, Sophia, "playing" the cornucopia:

Oh, and one more thing: the Bultemas have a lot of pets. By my count there were four dogs, a cat and a turtle. Amazingly, I didn't take any allergy drugs and didn't sneeze once. I'm not sure what happened to my allergies, but this bodes well for putting up with my sister's new cat when I'm home for Christmas!

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